What is the first stage of cellular respiration called?

Answer Cellular respiration, a four-step process, is a way for cells to break down glucose into carbon dioxide and water while releasing energy molecules, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), as a final product.... Read More »

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During which stage is CO2 released during cellular respiration?

Carbon dioxide is released in cellular respiration during the breakdown of glucose. When glucose is oxidized, the oxygen forms water, while the atoms of the sugar molecule form carbon dioxide and ... Read More »

Which stage of cellular respiration is considered the most ancient?

Glycolysis is the universal path in cellular respiration and considered the most ancient. The universality of glyolysis in different metabolic pathways, including aerobic respiration, lactic acid f... Read More »

In which stage of cellular respiration is carbon dioxide made?

The transition reaction and the Krebs cycle produce carbon dioxide during cellular respiration. Two molecules of carbon dioxide result from the transition reaction and four molecules are produced d... Read More »

What is cellular respiration used for?

Cellular respiration is used by cells in order to gather energy from food. This is accomplished by breaking down the glucose in food using oxygen and other cell material. The energy is then stored ... Read More »