I have a sony w80 video mode fr rec is set to std.the recorded film is saved in thm format.?

Answer most digital cameras take an image or record a video , also they produce a thumbnail for viewing on the camera LCDThese thumbnails have extension .thmSo, those .thm files are not videos, its only t... Read More »

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Movie vs movie, what film do you prefer?

-Very tough one. Totally different films (credit to Hanks' versatility). I'm gonna say Forrest Gump because I prefer comedies, but Green Mile is really touching and has forced me to well up once or... Read More »

How do I rip a dvd i recorded for a school project to my computer so I can edit it with windows movie maker?

I recommend you a free software which can help you convert Rip DVD and Convert Video and Backup DVD. It called "Next DVD Ripper". DVD Ripper is a free DVD ripper an... Read More »

How do you get a video clip that you have recorded on a camera to windows movie maker to where you can edit it?

Put the DVD into the computer. When a window comes up asking what you want to do it, click WIndows Explorer. Then, when the next window comes up, drag the file into My Documents, where it will sa... Read More »

Why Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me import .avi files recorded with the Gopro Hd Hero 2 camera?

MP4 and AVI are both container files, not video formats. WMM doesn't support the video format recorded by the GoPro or (I assume) the GoPro Cineform codec. Rather than screw up the quality of the ... Read More »