What is the first material to make a camera?

Answer For the simplest camera ever, look up "pinhole camera" on the internet search engines.

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What material is a digital camera made of?

Several years ago, a large batch of defective Sony CCD imagers were installed in cameras from many vendors, including Canon. This occurred over the space of a couple years, and involved literally ... Read More »

What is the cord material called on camera lanyards?

Probably nylon cord, the same stuff they make parachute cords out of - although much smaller in diameter.

What were the materials used to make the first digital camera?

What was the first available digital camera that was comprable to a 35mm film camera?

The first digital camera based upon the body of a 35mm camera was the Kodak DCS420 (based upon a Nikon body)…Really the first digital camera to match film... Read More »