What is the first event in photosynthesis?

Answer Photosynthesis is the way plants use energy from the sun to create the sugar used as fuel. In the first stage of photosynthesis, energy from sunlight is used to produce molecules which carry energy... Read More »

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What is the first molecule to provide electrons for photosynthesis?

The first molecule to provide electrons during photosynthesis is chlorophyll. Once an electron is energized with light, it is transferred to other molecules during the light reactions of photosynth... Read More »

What Are the Reactions of the First Stage of Photosynthesis Called?

Photosynthesis is a process that converts light energy to stored chemical carbon bonds. As a summary, the formula: 6 carbon dioxide + 6 water --> carbohydrate + 6 oxygen shows the process required ... Read More »

On GameTap TV, what is the first event listed?

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What was ESPN's first televised sporting event?

Answer College Footbal BYU vs. Pittsburgh 1984 Answer The first sporting event on ESPN was slow pitch softball that aired on July 7th, 1979. Answer I don't know if the second guy is right. All I do... Read More »