What is the first cousin of marmalade?

Answer beans, beetroot and bananas all begin with the letter 'b'

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What is it called when cousin have babies with first cousin?

There is no English word to describe the relation of you and your brother-in-law's cousin's step-son. Your brother-in-law's cousin is not related to you, so neither is his cousin, and certainly not... Read More »

Your first cousin has a daughter and she has a first cousin. Would her cousin be your cousin?

Your first cousin's daughter is your first cousin, once removed.Her first cousin could also be your first cousin, once removed. That would be the case if her cousin was the child of a sibling of yo... Read More »

What is first cousin and second cousin?

Your first cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle (i.e. the grandchild of your grandparents). Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great aunt or great uncle (i.e the great grand child of... Read More »

Is your first cousin five times removed a distant cousin?

Yes, a first cousin five times removed would be seen by most people as a distant relative.Here's how it works:The child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.The child of your first cousin is ... Read More »