What is the first color to register in the human brain?

Answer the first color a baby can see is red but some may be born with the capability to see other colors too =D And Maybe white for pure.

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What color is the human brain?

The human brain's natural coloring ranges from a variety of pink and tan tones, and the inner portions are white. Although the brain is sometimes referred to as "gray matter," the thinking muscle i... Read More »

At What Age Is the Human Brain Fully Developed?

As with nearly every other body part and system, the brain continues to grow for several years after birth. Scientists have consistently studied brain development to determine the age at which the ... Read More »

What is the weight of the average human brain?

The average human brain weighs roughly 2 percent of total body weight, according to Dr. Eric H. Chudler of the University of Washington. Therefore, the brain of a 150 pound woman would weigh 2 pe... Read More »

What percentage of the average human brain is water?

According to the University of Washington, the average human brain weighs between 1,300g and 1,400g and is approximately 77 percent to 78 percent water. The remainder is composed of lipids, protein... Read More »