What did the book Roots by Alex Haley have to do with civil rights?

Answer Roots Connection with Civil RightsIt had to do with emancipation and freedom, setting the stage for future civil rights to be had for all. Prior to Roots, many Americans, both black and white, inco... Read More »

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There's going to be a third series of Ashes to Ashes but after that will there be another series with Gene but not Alex?

Yep Definately A Third Series Cant Wait!!!!. There Might Not Be Another Show After Ashes To Ashes As Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) Says He Is Getting A Bit Too Old For That Now. But He Also Said He ... Read More »

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1. Well King, I am taking Math 107 in the summer because I want to graduate by next spring and get my General Associate's. 2. I will still work at Jimmy John's3. I might go to Cedar Point with a bu... Read More »