What is the first aid treatment for a swollen/black eye?

Answer Apply ice and gentle pressure to the area around the affected eye. OTC NSAIDs would be beneficial to help with the general discomfort and swelling. Have your sister seek medical attention if you no... Read More »

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What the first aid treatment for a burn?

ointment (Make certain that whatever you put on a burn is water-soluable. Stop the "cooking" process first by immersing burned area in cold water, then apply a product like BurnFree which is water-... Read More »

What is the first aid treatment for a cracked rib?

Rib fractures are not very common but not unheard of either. As they are surrounded by lots of strong muscle, it takes quite a force to abuse them. A rib fracture/crack can be caused by a fall, get... Read More »

What is first aid treatment for a heat stroke?

The main goal is to cool the person off. Ways to accomplish this include moving the victim to a cool area out of the sun and bathing the skin with water, either using damp cloths or immersing in a ... Read More »

What is the first step in alcohol treatment?

Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of individuals. Treatment can be successful if a patient truly wishes to be free from addiction and is willing to take the first step.Self Help Progra... Read More »