What is the fine for driving in the carpool lane?

Answer The fine for driving in the carpool, or high occupancy vehicle (HOV), lane with an insufficient number of passengers depends on the lane's location. For example, Washington State charges $124, whil... Read More »

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How much is a carpool lane fine in AZ?

Before court costs, the $350 fine ($370 in Maricopa County) for Illegally using the HOV lane in Arizona is the highest HOV fine in the United States. You can reduce the fine to $160 by taking a dri... Read More »

CHP Rules for the Carpool Lane?

The California Highway Patrol, or CHP, is the primary traffic law enforcement arm in the state of California. The CHP's main duty is to make sure that the state's roads and highways are safe and or... Read More »

Can motorcycles use the carpool lane?

Motorcycles are allowed to use carpool, or HOV, lanes in all states and localities. In fact, according to federal law, HOV lanes must be open to motorcycles unless their presence somehow creates a ... Read More »

What is the purpose of the carpool lane?

Carpool lanes, typically referred to as high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, are designed to move the greatest number of people during congested traffic. HOV lanes always stipulate a minimum number ... Read More »