What is the financial responsibility of California condo owner in earthquakes?

Answer You can find the answer you need in your governing documents.California's condominium law may define default lines of ownership, indicating where a unit owner's ownership ends and the condominium a... Read More »

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Does owner of condo take responsibility for water damage to the condo under them?

It is commendable that you want to step up and take responsibility for water damage that you may have caused: your washer overflowed, your drain backed up, and so forth. Often, water damage extend... Read More »

Is the financial responsibility of the owner of the at-fault vehicle limited?

What Is the Financial Responsibility Limit in California?

The state of California has an obligatory financial responsibility law that requires every driver and/or owner of a vehicle to prove their ability to pay for damages at the time they are involved i... Read More »

In California do condo owners have the right to review condo bills and financial statements monthly?

The only answer to your question is to review your governing documents. You should be able to find your answer in the sections that discuss finances.As well, you may want to review the California C... Read More »