What is the final score in volleyball called?

Answer The final score in volleyball is the match score. Most matches are either best of three or best of five sets, so a common match score for a three-set match is 2-1, which indicates one team won two ... Read More »

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What is the song called in the CSI Miami the final series commercial due to start Saturday 28th July at 10pm on channel 5?

What is the biggest final-score point difference in NFL history?

On December 8, 1940, the Chicago Bears trounced the Washington Redskins by a score of 73 to 0 in the championship game of the National Football League. As of July 2010, this remains the most lopsid... Read More »

What is the official final score of a forfeited baseball game?

The official score of any forfeited Major League Baseball contest is 9 to 0. At other levels of play, you can determine the final score of any forfeit by simply giving the winning team a run for ea... Read More »

Who shot lt horation in csi Miami season 6 final?

Federal Agent Caldwell actually fires the shot, but it's all part of a plan of Horatio's for him to go undercover and get fused-alloy rounds off the street. Ryan Wolfe is involved as well, but he d... Read More »