What is the file extension vob download?

Answer The file extension .vob download refers to files that are downloaded DVD video object files. VOB files store video, audio and subtitle streams. Most DVD playing software uses VOB files, according t... Read More »

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What is the file extension wmv download?

Embedded in Microsoft Operating Systems (OS) is an application called Microsoft Windows Media Player. When you download a WMV file from the Internet, it has an extension of .wma. WMA stands for Win... Read More »

What is the file extension for a tar download?

The .tar file extension is used for a TAR download. TAR, renowned for its flexibility that also extracts, adds, updates and lists old archive files, is an archiving program for the Linux operating... Read More »

What is the file extension .qif on a download?

A .qif file extension is a data file created by Quicken financial software. Created to move data between a financial institution’s website to Quicken software, a .qif file is opened by Intuit Qui... Read More »

What is the file extension cf7 download?

Popular file extension databases Filext and FileInfo both do not include an entry for .CF7. In FileInfo's list of all "C" extensions, the most similar to .CF7 is .CB7, which is used by the compress... Read More »