What is the file extension rename utility?

Answer A file extension rename utility is a computer program that can be used to rename one or multiple file extensions. The program works by automatically changing a file extension to whatever the user ... Read More »

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What is the file extension to rename a Mac?

The name of a Mac does not need a file extension. However, a Mac's local network name does require a file extension. The Mac OS automatically creates the local network name by copying the name of t... Read More »

What is the file extension rename batch?

While there is no file extension called "rename batch," the phrase relates to renaming a batch of bad file extensions. If a file extension has been changed for any reason, it may be impossible to o... Read More »

How to Rename a Zip File to the Files in the Zip File?

A Zip archive is a compressed file that can itself contain one or more files. Depending on who created the Zip file, its title may not match its contents. You can rename a Zip file to more accurate... Read More »

How to Rename a TIF File on a Mac?

In this article, it's assumed you are using a Mac, and you have the "Grab" app on your utilities section. We'll solve the problem to the ".tiff" extension on every picture, so you could post it on ... Read More »