What is the file extension .ppp convert?

Answer The extension .ppp stands for Page Plus Publication. It is used to identify projects created in Serif Page Plus, a desktop publishing software, and is a product of the British company, Serif. You c... Read More »

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What is the file extension bin convert?

The BIN file extension stands for "binary," and it is commonly used for backup image files for CD and DVDs. Sometimes BIN files are converted to ISO or AVI. An ISO is an archive image file named af... Read More »

How to Convert the File Extension 8Xu?

Converting a file extension changes the way that the computer recognizes the specific file. For instance, if a file has the extension ".8Xu" and is opened by a certain program, converting the ".8Xu... Read More »

How do I Convert an .OBJ File Extension So That I Can Read It?

An ".OBJ" file is a three-dimensional object file which contains texture maps, three-dimensional coordinates and other object information. This file type is a standard format for three-dimensional ... Read More »

How to Convert a Casio .CAM File Extension to JPEG?

Casio's ".cam" file extension is created by Casio digital cameras whenever a picture is taken using a Casio digital camera. This file must be opened by the Casio photo software instead of any othe... Read More »