What is the file extension .jnlp?

Answer The .jnlp extension stands for Java Network Launching Protocol. It is an XML file used for initiating and handling Java applications on the Internet or over a network. These files are used on Windo... Read More »

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What software produces the jnlp file extension?

JNLP stands for Java Network Launch Protocol, and it launches Java applications. The Java Web Start program uses JNLP files. You can create a JNLP file in an integrated development environment (IDE... Read More »

Do you have to file a state tax extension if you file an extension for federal?

According to the 2009/2010 version of "Tax for Dummies," you may have to file a state tax extension when you file an extension for your federal tax return. Each state is different, so you will need... Read More »

Problem attaching file that I scanned. I put extension of pdf. Error message file invalid specified. How to?

Most likely what you scanned was NOT saved as a PDF file.

What is the file extension of a local object repository file?

The file extension .mtr is associated with a local object repository file for the program QTP (QuickTest Professional), produced by Hewlett-Packard. The program tests software functionality and a l... Read More »