What is the file extension for Microsoft Word 2007 documents?

Answer The file extension that made its debut in Microsoft Word 2007 is ".docx." However, you can still open, edit and save your Microsoft Word documents in the old format, ".doc," as well as other format... Read More »

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How to Scan Documents into Microsoft Word 2007?

Scanning a document can save you time. When you insert a scanned document in Microsoft Office Word, it is inserted as an image, so you cannot modify the contents of the scan. In Microsoft Word vers... Read More »

How to Merge Documents in Microsoft Word 2007?

When working in Microsoft Word 2007, sometimes it is necessary to merge several documents into a single document. For example, if you are writing a cook book, you might save each recipe as an indiv... Read More »

How do I get rid of recent documents in Microsoft Word 2007?

Open Word 2007 and click on the "Office" button at the top left of the window. Choose "Advanced" from the left-hand pane. Scroll down to "Display" and change the number next to "Show this number of... Read More »

How to Unlock Documents for Microsoft Office Word 2007?

Your Microsoft Office Word 2007 file can be locked and unlocked for security and editing purposes. You can remove a password from your file, so anyone can open, modify and/or resave it. The Restric... Read More »