What is the female equivalent of a dickeydoo?

Answer a Gunt. i can't explain, or i'll get violated. it's in urban dictionary.

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What is a retinol equivalent?

The term retinol equivalent refers to the unit of measurement for Vitamin A. It is used as a standardizing measurement because there are two types of Vitamin A: preformed Vitamin A and provitamin A... Read More »

What was the British equivalent of the CIA?

The equivalent to CIA is the co-operation of the Joint Intelligence Committee, the Home Office, and the police. The purpose of the intelligence services in the United Kingdom is only to collect int... Read More »

What Is an "Equivalent Certificate"?

America is nicknamed the land of opportunity. This also goes for the opportunity for a better education and/or employment. Individuals who do not have a high school diploma have the chance of recei... Read More »

What is the air force equivalent of a brigade?

An air force attack squadron usually consisting of fighter jets and large bombers.