What is the feeding guidelines for IUGR babies?

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How do know when babies need feeding or changing?

Babies will suck their hands if they are hungry or root around with their mouths. Don't wait until they start crying. They will move their legs around and squirm if they are uncomfortable in a soi... Read More »

Does anyone else play with their babies after every feeding?

The point of playing after a feed instead of letting them sleep if they fall asleep at the breast is to get them so they aren't dependent on food/nursing to sleep. Also, if there is a routine (eat... Read More »

How to Ensure the Mommy Rabbit Is Feeding Her Babies?

Caring for baby rabbits can be an easy task if the mother plays her part in their feeding and care. In a lot of cases, rabbits leave the nest quickly and only nurse them once after birth, leaving r... Read More »

Can a car accident cause IUGR or damage to the placenta or umbilical cord?

Anythnig is possible, but it would likely have to have been a traumatic collision and injury.