Federal Child Restraint System Laws?

Answer According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), car crashes cause one out of three deaths among children under the age of 13, and auto accidents are the leading cause of death in chil... Read More »

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How many security levels are there in the federal prison system?

The Bureau of Prisons operates the federal prison system. It has established five security levels for the prisons. The levels are (from lowest to highest) minimum security, low security, medium sec... Read More »

What are trial courts in the federal judicial system called?

The United States District Courts are the main trial courts in the federal judicial system. Special courts exist for the trial of certain cases. The Court of International Trade holds trials on tra... Read More »

How competing political interests at the constitutional convention that led to the adoption of a federal system but not one that was clearly defined?

Which court in the federal system reviews the convictions of military personnel who have violated military law?

That would be the US COurt of Military Appeals. However, only convictions of Courts Martial are reviewed. and not automatically. The findings of the Court Martial must be appealed in order to be re... Read More »