What is the federal prime rate?

Answer In the U.S., all states operate under the same national federal prime rate as reported and determined by the Wall Street Journal. The federal prime rate is used to set prices on student loans, cred... Read More »

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What is the federal reserve prime rate?

The U.S. Prime Rate, sometimes referred as the Federal Reserve Prime Rate, refers to the lowest average interest rate that U.S. banks charge their best customers to borrow money. It is an index of... Read More »

Is prime rate the commercial lending rate?

The prime rate is now an index, or benchmark, that is set by banks. The banks use it to derive pricing for a number of different loans. Although loans at this rate can be extended to "prime" commer... Read More »

The Meaning of Discount Rate and Prime Rate?

Regional Federal Reserve Banks make loans to depository institutions through its lending facility. The lending facility is called the "discount window." The interest rate charged by the Fed to de... Read More »

What is the difference between the prime rate&the target rate?

The prime rate and the target rate are both interest rates that help determine how much it costs to get a loan from the bank. One rate influences the other.The Prime RateThe prime rate is the benc... Read More »