What is the federal excise tax?

Answer If you bought gasoline today, you paid a federal excise tax. You will find excises taxes on many products, services and activities you do each day. The United States government uses these taxes to ... Read More »

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What is a federal excise tax?

Federal excises are a tax that most people have never heard of or seen, but it affects nearly everyone on a daily basis. Most of our favorite products, such as gasoline, are hit with a federal exci... Read More »

Who pays the federal excise tax?

Excise tax can occur at the federal and state level. This tax is not paid by a specific individual, but the consumer of specific goods. Excise tax is charged on cigarettes, gasoline, gambling, and ... Read More »

Are muzzleloaders subject to the federal excise tax?

Although muzzleloaders are not defined as "firearms" for purposes of the Gun Control Act of 1968, they are considered "firearms" for purposes of the Firearms Excise Tax. This means that muzzleloade... Read More »

Who needs to file a federal excise tax return?

There are several broad business categories that need to pay federal excise taxes according to the 2008 Small Business Resource Guide. These include businesses that make or sell fuel, passenger car... Read More »