Who just called my house and hung up without leaving a message Was it you?

Answer It was me. I was looking for Queen SarcasticDog, sorry!

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What is it called when your mortgage payment is more than your house is worth?

When a homeowner owes more on a house than the house is actually worth, the homeowner is underwater. The mortgage crisis that began in 2008 has lowered the value of many homes and left millions of... Read More »

Your contractor said he would use Tvek house wrap under the vinyl siding and the house has something called Easy Gard is this the same thing?

Answer easy Gard EasyGard is not a DuPont product, unlike some apparent claims made at Home Improvement Stores. Qingdao G & E Bio-Polytex Company LtdA makes EasyGard (also known as G & E Houseguard... Read More »

What is the fear of vacuum cleaners called?

What is the fear of popsicle sticks called?

The fear of popsicle sticks is considered xylophobia, which is the fear of wooden objects. Xylophobia can also refer to the fear of forests. The prefix "xyl-" or "xylo-" means wood.References:Psych... Read More »