Fear of heights......?

Answer Yes. A psychologist can help you overcome any fear.

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How to Overcome a Fear of Heights?

Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, affects many people's daily lives. It can make that person have insecurities and illnesses. Overcoming this fear can be challenging at first, but with assistance... Read More »

What is the fear of cotton balls called?

The specific fear of cotton balls is called sidonglobophobia. For years it fell under the phobia name babakophobia, which is the name given to the fear of cotton in general. It has since been given... Read More »

What is the fear of vacuum cleaners called?

What is the fear of rubber bands called?

The fear of rubber bands is called lastihophobia. It includes fear of anything rubber and latex. It can be caused by such things as balloons or rubber bands snapping or popping in the face, causing... Read More »