Guys I have seen a horror movie last year and I had forgot the name of the movie....:(?

Answer The Invasion with Nicole Kidman?

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What's the name of this movie with these two guys?

Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackThey can also be seen in Clerks.....Clerks 2.....Mallrats.....Chasing Amy......and Dogma.

What the name of this movie is its on dish network horror movies...its about the seven deadly sins and there are a few guys and one girl and they get to intived to a party and they enter a big house?

At this time, DISH Network does not offer Netflix as part of your services or package. Netflix does or would require a separate subscription with their company.

What is the name of the 90's kids tv show that had a super rabbit and was set in outerspace i think its bionic something but i dont know the whole name what is it?

The show was called Bucky O'Hare! It was a great show.

What Super hero movie is this?

Sky High