What is the fastest&cheapest dial up for an internal modem?

Answer On One Hand: Some Providers Offer Free ServiceBecause many Internet users now have broadband network access, some service providers give away free access to users who still connect with dial-up mod... Read More »

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Hooking up a laptop with NO dial up modem to dial up?

You should be able to get a lead from your electronics store that will link your Dell with the moden for your other PC dear.

Is an iMac AirPort modem different than the internal modem?

Yes. An AirPort card allows a Mac computer to network wirelessly with other computers and access the Internet in any building that receives wi-fi. An internal modem is a means of dialing into the I... Read More »

What is a dial-up modem?

A dial-up modem is a piece of hardware that permits users to access the Internet via an analog phone line. Its maximum data capacity is 56Kbps, since it has to convert the digital information to an... Read More »

How Do I Know If the Computer Has an Internal Modem?

Your computer's modem is its gateway to the World Wide Web. By itself, your computer could only access the data on its hard drive or in its disk drives. With a modem, it can access data from around... Read More »