Answer put a spoon in the freezer and apply it to it, it helps the blood come fully to the surface which will cause it to heal faster.. other than that keep it moisturized and covered with make up :)

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How do you get rid of hickies!!!?

Find a leech. They suck the hemorrhaged blood out :)I think they keep them in hospitals but I don't think your insurance will cover hicky removal.

How can i get rid of hickies from my neck?

If you just got them (like a few hours), I would suggest wrapping some ice in a thin towel and holding it on the hickey. If you had them a little while longer, massage them (gently) with a hot wash... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hickies in 5 Minutes?

Hickies can be fun to give, but aren't nearly as fun to receive. Hickies are embarrassing red blotches that occur as a result of a friend or dating partner sucking on your neck or other part of you... Read More »

Do hickies lead to cancer?

Your father doesn't want you messing with boys so, thats why he told you that.No, hickies DO NOT lead to cancer.