What is the fastest cocktail remedy for a broken heart?

Answer Guzzlin' hard liquor straight out the bottle, preferably tequila.Of course, this is how I consume my drinks every day, but I'm certain it's therapeutic in broken heart situations as well.

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Girls--fastest way to get nice abs?

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How to Get over a Broken Heart for Girls?

Are you or a friend dealing with a broken heart? Hopefully this article can help.

Is 136 high for a 13 year old girls heart rate?

That is very high. You should get that checked out. At that age, people of outstanding fitness and health ave around 60bpm, and the average is 80. Your heart rate is the amount that people's increa... Read More »

Can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant?

Let's think about size -- a cow's heart is simply too large to be placed in the existing spot in a human. It is true that a baboon's heart was placed in a baby, but she survived just one day with ... Read More »