What is the fastest way possible to heal bug bites?

Answer The best way to heal bug bites fast is to take care of them properly. I too get a lot of mosquito bites and I have an ugly habit of scratching them. No matter how bad I tell myself that I'm not goi... Read More »

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How to Heal Mosquito Bites?

Mosquito bites itch because you have a slight allergic reaction to the saliva the mosquito injected into your body before she bit you. The female mosquito's main source of food is the blood of her ... Read More »

How long does it take for mosquito bites to heal?

What are the best natural remedies to sooth and heal mosquito bites?

Baking soda mixed with water to make a thick paste and then applied to the bite will help sooth it. Toothpaste and baking soda also works.If you are going to be around mosquitos for a while, take e... Read More »

What is the fastest way to heal a cut ?

I think Neosporin is the best!!!But now there is a product called Mederma that is good, but that is for after it scars.Neosporin is to prevent scars!!!Good luck!!!