What is the fastest way of raising your credit score?

Answer When you're applying for a big loan, such as a mortgage or car loan, you want to raise your credit score quickly. While a great credit score is something that usually takes time, there are steps fo... Read More »

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What type of credit builds your credit score the fastest?

Some credit behaviors build your credit score faster than others can. The three major credit bureaus consider your payment history more than they do other areas, according to Delinque... Read More »

Secrets to Raising Your Credit Score?

A good credit score is worth its weight in gold. A higher score leads to faster loan approvals and lower interest rates. In today's competitive climate, a good credit score can be the difference be... Read More »

What Is the Fastest Way to Raise Your FICO Score?

A borrower's credit report is updated once every 30 days with information sent to it by your creditors, however, the credit score is updated each time it is pulled. To quickly increase your credit ... Read More »

Can your credit rating or score improve without using your credit card?

On One Hand: Using Credit Cards Improves Credit ScoresIndividuals can improve their credit score by regularly using their credit cards. An individual's credit score is determined by the status of t... Read More »