What type of grass grows the fastest?

Answer Bamboo falls under the grass category and is the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo grows at an average of a foot a day, and in ideal humidity and temperature conditions it grows even faste... Read More »

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What type of salt melts ice the fastest?

According to Schoenberg De-icing, the fastest and most effective salt product is calcium chloride pellets. This is effective in temperatures to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. For temperatures above five d... Read More »

What is the fastest type of internet service?

Premium cable with an upload speed of 768 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps and a download speed of 8 Mbps to 20 Mbps is the fastest type of Internet service. It generally cost between $50 and $80 per month.Source:... Read More »

What type of food breaks down the fastest in digestion?

Nutritionally rich foods will break down in your system the most rapidly, because they are the most useful to the body. Among these, fruits and vegetables, or soups and smoothies made from these fo... Read More »

What type of orange tree grows the fastest?

Navel orange trees are the fastest growing, maturing in as little as two or three years, while the average maturity time for most orange trees is seven to eight years.References:Navel Oranges