What kind of motorcycles are you riding, street bike, scooter, sport bike What brand, model, engine is it?

Answer I ride a 50cc Honda Dio, bored & stroked to 100cc. It's really quick and easy to ride in the rain. It's small enough that I can bring it in the house at night. But it's getting old. I think my ne... Read More »

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How many of you riders learned to ride at 16 in the street on a street bike?

I think I was 25. Don't want to do the math. On a '74 Honda CL360. But I did live 1\2 mile up a dirt road in a rural area. The shortcut to work was out the other way. With no town maintenance past ... Read More »

Fastest 500cc bike?

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Types of Street Bike Engines?

Motorcycle engines come in a wide variety of configurations. A critical factor is how the fuel and air mix and burn within the cylinders, giving rise to two and four stroke engines. While very smal... Read More »