What is the speed of a jet airplane in miles per hour?

Answer The speed of a jet airplane varies depending upon the manufacturer and type of the plane. The overall average speed for a jet airplane is 310 to 559 miles per hour, according to "The Physics Factbo... Read More »

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What is the speed of a jet plane in miles per hour?

According to Boeing, a manufacturer of commercial jet airplanes, the average cruising speed of a 747 jet airplane is 565 mph. The Boeing 747 is constructed of high strength aluminum and tips the sc... Read More »

How many miles per hour can the world's fastest car go?

The SSC Ultimate Aero, produced by Shelby Supercars in the United States, is the world's fastest car in 2010. The Ultimate Aero can go 256.19 miles per hour as equipped for public sale. The previou... Read More »

How many miles per hour was the fastest qualifying lap in nascar history?

Bill Elliott drove at 212.809 miles per hour to set NASCAR's record for fastest qualifying lap. He achieved this in 1987 when qualifying for the Winston 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabam... Read More »

If a car travels 98 miles in one hour and fortu five minutes what is its average speed?

Ave. speed = total dist. covered/total time takenTotal dist = 98 milesTotal time = 1hr 45min = 7/4hr==> ave. speed = 98 miles/(7/4hr)= 56 miles/hr.