What is the fastest quad core?

Answer As of May 2010, the fastest quad-core processor on the market is the Intel Core i7-930. In fact, the experts at XtremeCoders listed the Core i7-930 as "The best gaming CPU for $295."Source:XtremeC... Read More »

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Fastest Quad Core Processors?

Every year, computers take a leap in their processing speed, memory, graphics and the capabilities of many of their other components. Processing speed measures how many cycles the processors of the... Read More »

Core 2 Quad Q9xxx With Quad Core Technology?

When semiconductor company Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 as its latest premier brand of consumer-oriented processors on July 27, 2006, it split the family into three divisions: the Core 2 Solo,... Read More »

What Is Dual Core & Quad Core?

A lot of new concepts have slipped into the lexicon of modern computing since the turn of the century. One that may be unfamiliar to many is the computer processor that has multiple "cores." Before... Read More »

What's so special about Dual Core and Quad Core Processors?

Okay, think of it this way. Think of the single core processor being a two lane highway. If you've ever noticed any construction work on a two lane highway, one lane is backed up, which soon causes... Read More »