What is the fastest production car on earth?

Answer Going from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, the Shelby Super Car (SSC) Ultimate Aero reached a speed of 257.11 mph or 411.76 km/h. Guinness World Records verified the speed in 2007. The SSC contains ... Read More »

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What is the fastest production car ever made?

Production sports cars in the year 2010 commonly surpass 200 MPH. In the quest to be the fastest production car ever, the Ultimate Aero SS reached the speed of 257 mph in 2007, earning the Guiness ... Read More »

What is the fastest production car on the road?

The fastest production car on the road is the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, produced in the United States by Shelby Supercars. The twin turbocharged V8 car can reach a speed of 256.19 mph in stock producti... Read More »

Which is the fastest production motor cycle?

All production Japanese motorcycles capable of such speeds are nowadays limited to 300kph/186mph from the factory. This question is asked fairly often; someone always mentions the Marine Turbine T... Read More »

What is a TV production?

A TV production is any work that has been produced for television broadcasting. TV productions include episodic shows, game shows, news shows, music shows, miniseries, made-for-television films and... Read More »