What is the fastest honda 250r made?

Answer The 1985-86 model of the Honda 250r is considered the fastest 250r model produced. The 1985-86 250r model can reach speeds of up to 76 miles per hour. The 1983-84 Honda 250r can only reach speeds o... Read More »

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Front fork air pressure 1984 Honda 250r what is the normal psi suposed to be?

Cleaning the Carburetor in an '86 Honda 250R?

A carburetor controls the amount of fuel and air going into the engine. The '86 Honda 250R is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) meaning it is driven mainly off-road. This means that the carburetor is mo... Read More »

What was the fastest Camaro made?

The 2000 Camaro ZL1 Concept is the fastest Camaro ever made, according to a ranking of fastest sports cars at The 2000 Camaro ZL1 Concept can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per h... Read More »

What is the fastest production car ever made?

Production sports cars in the year 2010 commonly surpass 200 MPH. In the quest to be the fastest production car ever, the Ultimate Aero SS reached the speed of 257 mph in 2007, earning the Guiness ... Read More »