What is the fastest growing indoor flowering plant?

Answer Marigolds can sprout in a week and bloom in 50 days.

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What is the fastest indoor growing plant?

The fastest indoor plant award would have to go to the bamboo. They can easily grow to 100 feet or more, if allowed, and some species grow 3 or 4 feet a day. Honorable mentions should include potho... Read More »

The Fastest-Growing Flowering Vine?

Perennial vines live for many years with proper care and grow vigorously once established. Most of them bloom for one to two months during the growing season. Annual vines shoot up from the moment ... Read More »

Indoor Plant Growing Experiments?

Many kids enjoy helping around the house, and one of the simple tasks they can do is caring for plants. This helps children’s interest in the science of plants grow. Perform plant growing experim... Read More »

What is the fastest growing house plant?

Pothos is the fastest growing houseplant.