What is the price range of dirtbike boots?

Answer Depending on the brand and style, most adult dirt bike boots range from $90 to $500 on most motocross apparel Web sites. Youth boots are typically in the $100 to $150 range. Knowing the kind of b... Read More »

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Is a 450 dirtbike to big for me as in power?

Ditch the four strokes and find a decent two stroke. A 200-250cc should serve you well. Much more fun to ride, easier, cheaper to maintain/repair. KTM still makes plenty of two strokes, so you shou... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Dirtbike?

Motorcycles are much harder on oil than automobiles due to the higher RPMs and temperatures the engines operate at. Dirt bikes, because of the way they are ridden, wear out oil faster than street b... Read More »

How to Do a Big No Footer on a Dirtbike?

Now throw out the legs...This article explains how to do a big no footer.

How to Do a Burnout on an ATV or Dirtbike?

Dirt Bike Burnout ATV BurnoutAlways wanted to do a burnout but don't have a car to do it in? Try it in an ATV or a Dirt bike! This is harder to do though because most ATVs and Dirt bikes don't have... Read More »