What is the fastest way known to get rid of cold sores or fever blisters?

Answer I have always gotten almost immediate relief by taking L-Lysine tablets. I get the 500mg. pills and take two twice a day or if it is a REALLY BAD one, I take two pills, three times a day. I double ... Read More »

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Who became known as the world's fastest man at the Beijing Olympics?

The title of "World's Fastest Man" is given to the winner of the 100-meter dash at the Summer Olympics. As of June 2010, the reigning champion is Usain Bolt, who won the gold medal at the 2008 Bei... Read More »

What are the CIA known for?

Incase they have a bomb to defuse.

What Are the Badlands Known For?

The Badlands--sometimes referred to as "The Land God Forgot"--boast herds of roaming buffalo, Rocky Mountain sheep, pronghorns and prairie dog colonies. The Badlands teem with life, and its desolat... Read More »

What are headphones known for?

Yes, I am pretty sure they do. If it's because you don't want you or another guy to look weird with them, don't worry. You could start a new trend!! =) (if it isn't one already)