What is the fastest pitch in baseball history?

Answer Nolan Ryan threw the fastest pitch in baseball history. Playing for the California Angels, Ryan threw a pitch clocked at 100.9 m.p.h. by the Guinness Book of World Records on Aug. 20, 1974, versus ... Read More »

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Does following through affect the speed of a thrown baseball?

Follow through is one part of pitching, and doing any part incorrectly can affect the speed and accuracy of the pitch. Speed may be affected slightly by incorrect follow through, but the most likel... Read More »

How to Pitch in Wii Baseball?

Pitching is fairly simple in Wii baseball and anyone can do it.

How to Pitch a Baseball?

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the mechanics that go into properly pitching a baseball. Note: All directions are for a right-handed pitcher. If you are a lefty, follow the same steps... Read More »

How to Get Ready to Pitch in a Baseball Game?

PitchingOut of all of the positions, pitcher is one of the most important. Pitching might look easy, but there are many things other than just throwing the ball. There are many ways to prepare for ... Read More »