What is the fastest car speed ever recorded?

Answer The current record for the fastest car speed ever recorded on land stands at 763.053 miles per hour. This record was set by Wing Commander Andy Green in October of 1997 in the UK.Source:Telegraph.c... Read More »

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What is the fastest qualifying lap ever recorded in NASCAR history?

Bill Elliott’s 1987 speed of 212.809 mph stands as the fastest qualifying lap in NASCAR history. The record was set at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Since then, NASCAR has initiated speed r... Read More »

What was the fastest wind speed ever recorded for a hurricane?

The fastest wind speed for a hurricane ever recorded was 200 miles per hour. This wind speed was recorded on Aug. 17 and 18 in 1969 from Hurricane Camille's eye wall.Source:ArcaMax Publishing: Weather

Who is on the DVD cover of"Slap Shot 3"?

There are six people on the DVD case cover for "Slap Shot 3." Hunter Elliot is in the blue hockey outfit. Ryan McDonnel is in the red hockey outfit. Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson and Dave Hanson are ... Read More »

How to Make a Slap Shot?

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