What is the difference between northern american and southern american barbecue?

Answer This is a good article:Central Texas BBQ DynastiesWhat Becomes a Legend Most?BY VIRGINIA B. WOODBarbecue is everyman's chance for culinary greatness, where cheap cuts of meat like pork butts, beef ... Read More »

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What should I do if I search for American on Google and it keeps showing me American Idol results?

What resulted from American involvement in the Spanish-American war?

Puerto Rico became a US territory in 1898. Since them, every one of us born in Puerto Rico are US citizen. We are considered a commonwealth since 1952. That is one of the outcomes of American invol... Read More »

What makes American music American?

Aaron Copland, Tom Petty and Chuck D. all have something in common. As Americans, they all make American music. American music is the music of a young nation influenced by an abundance of different... Read More »

What is the fastest car in GTA IV?

The Sultan RS is considered the fasted car in Grand Theft Auto IV. This car can be found north of Westdyke, Alderney. Travel up the dirt road to the old mansion and the car is behind the garage in ... Read More »