What is the fast way to lower blood pressure naturally?

Answer High blood pressure is a health condition that demands attention. It is also a dangerous condition because it forces the heart to work hard and can lead to heart disease, stroke or kidney disease. ... Read More »

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What can I do naturally to lower blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a preventable disease that can be controlled and lowered naturally, according to the American Heart Association. If left uncontrolled, it can lead to death. Lifestyle changes... Read More »

What will lower my diastolic blood pressure naturally?

Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure of your blood between heart beats and is the bottom number on a blood pressure reading. A normal diastolic blood pressure is between 60 and 80. Lifestyle ch... Read More »

Can i lower my blood pressure naturally?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, rarely causes symptoms, but it does increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, aneurysm and kidney failure. According to the American Heart Association, 28 pe... Read More »

How can I naturally lower my blood pressure?

High-blood pressure can lead to a number of serious problems, including heart attack, kidney damage and stroke. According to physician and author Dr. Andrew Weil, a strategy that combines natural t... Read More »