What is the expected weekly pay for a hostess at Uno's?

Answer Unless you have a ton of experience, generally you'd get minimum wage, and if they share tips, a portion of the tips.So $7,50 x 40 minus social security, medicare and state and national tax. ( unle... Read More »

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What does expected weekly earnings mean?

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a hostess?

Take telephone reservations, greet customers, take their coats and other accessories to the coat check, Seat guests while being aware of server sections and guest to server ratios in order to ensur... Read More »

What are the Attire & Roles of a Hostess & Usher at a Wedding?

Wedding ushers have traditionally been expected to dress in the same formality as the groom, however current expectations are more relaxed, according to Celebration Still, both ushers ... Read More »

What black model turned talk show hostess?