What is the expected weekly pay for a hostess at Uno's?

Answer Unless you have a ton of experience, generally you'd get minimum wage, and if they share tips, a portion of the tips.So $7,50 x 40 minus social security, medicare and state and national tax. ( unle... Read More »

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What does expected weekly earnings mean?

Champagne region of France, although Mumm owns some vineyards in USA. Legally that wine cannot be termed "champagne".

Air Hostess Responsibilities?

Air hostesses, also known as flight attendants or cabin crew, are required by law to assist with the safety and security of passengers aboard commercial flights. They are required to work long hour... Read More »

How did Hostess Twinkies get their name?

The Hostess Twinkie is one of America's most iconic snacks. The little yellow cake has been around since the 1930s, but the origin of its name is less exciting than you would think.HistoryTwinkies ... Read More »

Applebees hostess HELP!!?

I have never worked at an Applebees, but while in school I have waitressed. So what I would expect you to be doing is as follows:-greeting customer at the front door (ALWAYS have a smile on your F... Read More »