What is the expansion of LCD TV?

Answer lovely clear dimensional television

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What is an ISO expansion?

ISO expansion is a setting in some Canon digital cameras that--when activated--allows users to select ISO speeds that are normally hidden, including ISO 50 and ISO 3200 or higher. ISO 50 is hidden ... Read More »

What is the expansion bay on the PS2 for?

The expansion bay on older, "fat" PlayStation 2 models is used to connect the PlayStation 2 HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and PlayStation 2 Network Adapter to the console. The "Slim" PlayStation 2 did away... Read More »

What is an expansion tank?

An expansion tank or vessel is a unit used in conjunction with many domestic water heating systems. Plumbing codes require you to have a water expansion control device with a water heating system.F... Read More »

What is an expansion card?

Computers are modular devices capable of accepting various different components which can upgrade performance or add new features. There are many types of expansion cards available for computers, b... Read More »