Can you still exchange French Francs for Euros?

Answer French banknotes can be exchanged for Euro banknotes until February 2, 2012 through the Banque de France. French banknote holders may exchange any amount of banknotes up to an amount equaling 5,000... Read More »

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How to Exchange American Dollars For British Pounds?

Traveling to another country--like Britain--can be exciting and daunting. You don't know quite what to expect or how to be best prepared. The least of your worries should be how to exchange your U.... Read More »

How much in dollars does the New York Stock Exchange move in a day?

The New York Stock Exchange trades more than a billion shares of stock daily with a value of about $50 billion. NYSE trading volume varies widely. In the first half of 2010, daily trading ranged i... Read More »

Would you dare to remove your taste buds in exchange for 5-millions dollars?

What year did the New York Stock Exchange begin trading in dollars?

The New York Stock Exchange began trading in dollars in 1915. Prior to this, the basis of quoting and trading stocks was percent of par value. Decimal pricing of stocks began in the year 2000.Refer... Read More »