What is the exact way printers work?

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Buying a printer. Why would HP have 3 exact same price inkjet printers?

HP will usually have 3 printers priced the same because each printer is targeting a different group. There is the All in One which only has a flatbed scanner on top, Consumer Class printer. There... Read More »

How do thermal printers work?

Thermal printers work differently than inkjet or laser printers, particularly because of their major printing component: heat. Thermal printers are often used in business machines for their quietne... Read More »

How do Wireless Printers work?

Most wireless printers work with a router . Others work with teh bluetooth concept . As for the other part of your question, you do not necessarily have to be in the same room as teh router to prin... Read More »

How do photo printers work?

which ones - the printer you purchase or the one hour photo lab? One hour photo lab charges you per print and you can place an order online or in store.