What is the exact way printers work?

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Buying a printer. Why would HP have 3 exact same price inkjet printers?

HP will usually have 3 printers priced the same because each printer is targeting a different group. There is the All in One which only has a flatbed scanner on top, Consumer Class printer. There... Read More »

What printers will work with the kodak c533?

The Kodak c533 is a digital camera that works best with the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3. The printing dock can print 4x6 photos immediately or be connected to a personal computer for... Read More »

I need to know what printers would work with my computer that has 63 RAM of memory?

As long as the printer drivers are compatible with your operating system you can use any printer.With that little of RAM I suspect you are running Win95 or Win98.

How do photo printers work?

which ones - the printer you purchase or the one hour photo lab? One hour photo lab charges you per print and you can place an order online or in store.