How to Get the Exact Pokémon You Want?

Answer Are you stumped on the Elite Four in one of your Pokémon games because there's an absence of that one Pokémon you need to defeat them? Will your world be fully complete--as much as getting a ... Read More »

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Where can i find this exact camera?

Do doctors know the exact day someone gets pregnant?

Doctors can not tell the exact day you get pregnant but they can get pretty close. You're first ultra-sound will always be the most accurate ultrasound. When I found out I was pregnant, I had an ul... Read More »

What is the exact way printers work?

Start with these two links then come back with more specific question(s) if needs be:

What is the exact size of a fifth of liquor?

1/5 of a gallon, which is 128 oz.1/5 x 128 = 25.6 oz. = 757 mL