Does anyone have the exact script to "Can I have your number" from mad tv?

Answer Can I Have Your Number??Damn.DAMN!OH DAMN!Ok, ok, ok.Ahem.‘Scume ca’I talk to yo fo a minute?ESCUME ca’I TALK TO YOU FO A MINUTE?Uhh, yeah, whats up?Uhh, yeah, uhh, my name Darrell, its spell... Read More »

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What is the exact number of children who were adopted this year?

Orphans are known for their self-reliance, the extent to which is far greater than anyone with a family could ever comprehend. While being an orphan is never easy, orphans normally tend to go far i... Read More »

How can i find a person's telephone number in Oahu, Hawaii if i don't know the exact address?

If you know the name of the person that has the phone account, go to white Here you can also get the phone number by using the "reverse phone" directory where you input the address and ... Read More »

I would like to know the last call location of this number(9952556965)(exact location)?

there is no way you are going to get that information unless you are the phone company or law enforcement with a legitimate reason to obtain that information from the cellular provider.. this is no... Read More »

How to Get the Exact Pokémon You Want?

Are you stumped on the Elite Four in one of your Pokémon games because there's an absence of that one Pokémon you need to defeat them? Will your world be fully complete--as much as getting a ... Read More »