How to Get the Exact Pokémon You Want?

Answer Are you stumped on the Elite Four in one of your Pokémon games because there's an absence of that one Pokémon you need to defeat them? Will your world be fully complete--as much as getting a ... Read More »

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How do i make an exact dvd copy?

Insert the source DVD disc in your computer's optical drive. Wait for the computer to read the contents of the DVD.There are two ways to make an exact DVD copy: cloning a copy to another DVD disc o... Read More »

How to Burn Exact Copies of a DVD?

You may want to make a copy of personal home movie that you have on DVD disc for friends and family, or for your personal backup. In this case, you must first "rip" the DVD, which means that you co... Read More »

Where can i find this exact camera?

Who in exact invented the iPhone 4?

The price for an iPhone does not change paced on age. The price for the iPhone itself is between $199-$299 (16GB and 32GB). Then you have to choose between the at&t plan or the Verizon plan. There ... Read More »