Why do some papayas taste bitter and what causes it to be while other papayas of the same plant arent bitter at all?

Answer Some are not yet ripe. (See link.)

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What is bitter gourd?

Bitter gourd is also commonly known as bitter melon in the U.S. It is the bitter-tasting fruit of a climbing vine common to tropical countries, and is used in ethnic cuisine as well as traditional ... Read More »

What is bitter melon?

Bitter melon is the long, warty-looking fruit of the tropical and subtropical Momordica charantia plant. It gets its name from being thought to be the most bitter edible vegetable. Bitter melon is ... Read More »

What exactly is a bitter adoptee?

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What makes coffee bitter?

Coffee tastes bitter to us because of the acid it contains. That acid activates taste receptors on our tongue, which our brain interprets as bitter.